new zealand escapes


The Happy Isles, last, loneliest, loveliest, exquisite, apart." - Kipling


New Zealand's endlessly varied geographical wonders, its unique native flora and curious, singular fauna are boundless sources of wonder. In no other country in the world could so many unique scenes be encountered. Edged with serene bays and beaches tucked safely into the craggy coastline, the islands of New Zealand appear tranquil at first glance - graced with trout-filled streams, cascading waterfalls and fertile farmland. After discovering its gushing geysers, steaming vents and bubbling pools, however, you are reminded of the powerful forces lying below the Earth's surface. These incredibly diverse islands also boast a vital Maori culture, with an abundance of art and ancient legends. Within the space of two weeks you can view long sandy beaches, snowcapped volcanoes, sparkling rivers, jagged mountain ranges, steaming geothermal pools, subtropical rain forests, jewel-like lakes, dry high country basins covered in seas of waving tussocks and picturesque lowland farms.


Experience the beauty of New Zealand's wilderness. Come explore the North Island and South Island of New Zealand by water and bike, on foot and in flight, relaxing along the way. Let Escapes International guide you on this adventure of discovery.